Donate Your Glass

The upcoming open drop off Saturdays are July 13th & 27th (12-2PM, no appointment needed if dropping off less than 200 pounds or 8-10 boxes). Please meet our team on Mifflin Street & 9th at the yellow loading dock!

Become a collections member

Want us to make it easier for you? We can pick up your glass from your doorstep with our e-bike!

Drop off your glass

When: Tuesdays 11am-2pm or Thursdays 11am-3pm by appointment. Every other Saturday there are open drop off hours from 12-2pm. Click the link below to schedule!

Where: The Bok Building yellow loading dock on Mifflin Street in between 8th and 9th Street.

What: Please only bring clean and unbroken bottle and jar glass! We do not accept household glass like lightbulbs, vases, cooking trays, or candles.

How: for our team’s safety, please store your glass in sturdy cardboard boxes. Better yet, join our Crate Exchange Program and we’ll swap your crate of glass with a fresh one every time! Click the crate add-on when you schedule or ask a staff member when dropping off. 

If you have any questions about the drop off process, just email us at

Volunteer with BU!

As a small non-profit with big goals, every set of hands helps!

If you volunteer with us, you get a behind-the-scenes view into BU. Our volunteers will help us take glass from the community, clean bottles for our partners, or move glass when we need some extra strength! You can state your preferred activity on the form and we’ll do our best to match you to it. A standard volunteer shift is 3 hours – click the blue button below to sign up!

Gain hands on experience in glass recycling

See the inner workings of a circular organization

Help us divert glass from the landfill

“I felt very welcomed and learned so much!”

Anonymous Helper!

“One of the things that was mentioned several times as we reflected on our experience was the opportunity to genuinely be a part of closing the loop with glass reuse locally, and how we felt that our short time with the BU team still felt like we were able to contribute to the BU mission in a tangible way.”


“Everyone was so friendly and made me feel welcome.”


Contact Us


1901 S 9th Street, Bok B08, Philadelphia PA 19148

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