Bottle Underground is a 501(c) (3) non-profit dedicated to salvaging glass and supporting people.

The Problem

Approximately 50-70 thousand tons of glass are sent to landfill in Philadelphia annually. When Philadelphia residents recycle their glass through the city’s single-stream system, the glass is immediately crushed in the truck with the other picked up material. In theory, the small pieces of glass are ideal for recycling, as glass is infinitely remeltable. However, by the time the glass is sorted out, it is too contaminated to be usable and instead is sent to the landfill as cover.

This is technically a use for the glass but we believe that we can do better.

Our Solution

By collecting bottles and jars from local businesses and community members, we are able to maintain very low levels of contamination.

Our team meticulously sorts the glass for its best use, whether that is a jar for a candle or a champagne bottle for a chandelier. This adds value to what is otherwise a waste material.


Our Team

Our Partners

We partner with workforce development programs to create sustainable job opportunities that support waste diversion in Philadelphia.

New Leash on Life

New Leash on Life USA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit recidivism reduction program dedicated to saving at-risk dogs and improving the lives of justice-impacted people.

Fair Chance Hiring

Philadelphia’s Fair Chance Hiring Initiative support local employers who hire individuals returning from incarceration.

Federation of Neighborhood Centers

FNC supports children, youth, families, and individuals who traditionally don’t have access to high quality opportunities and connects them to local innovators.

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1901 S 9th Street, Bok B08, Philadelphia PA 19148

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